Saturday, 27 April 2013

Even Without Love and Attention

Alright so I'm a little late... but snow peas!!!
Pretty excited about these. There are eight little sproutlings coming up. There were nine but the neighbour clipped one with his whippersnipper (;-_-)

And beetroot! Isn't he sweet? I got a hold of an heirloom mix with red, white and red and white striped tasty blobs. I also put in some carrots but they haven't come up. Sadly don't have much hope for them.

And somehow or other there's tomatoes. There were some growing when we moved in but they had worms so I pulled them out. That was a year ago. I guess there must have been some seeds hanging about ready to spring up!

It might look innocuous but this little guy is actually the devil. It's not so much that it pops up everywhere, which it does,

it's more that removing them is such a mission I rarely get the two inch root to come up with it!

Burn it! Burn it!! (((\(>o<)/)))

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