Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Start in the Garden

So I've made a start in the garden. 
It's a small, long patch along the fence built into a retaining wall divided into four parts. 
The soil had been left to its own devices and sun baking for a while before I got there. Which made for a pretty hard slog.

I forgot to take the before pictures but here's one of the neighbour's end.
Behold the horror!

With a bit of compost, sheep poo and ash from our recent fire the soil has come up a treat.
I've also set up some chicken wire to support the coming crops.

Garden 1

That black thing is the solar charger for a string of LEDs I set up so I could water in the dark. And there's a monster rosemary bush off the end.

Garden 2

I started on this part November last year. The marigold flourished up to the last couple of weeks. It's been hot. SOOOOOOO hot. Even the palms are suffering. The chilli however could not be happier. There's also a couple of melons vines which are surprisingly soldiering on.

Garden 3

This is a terribly boring patch of dirt adjacent to the chilli. Which by the way came from hell. 

Garden 4

And yet the most boring patch......

So that's the introduction to our little garden (^^)

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