Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hot Enough for You?

I know it's been all over the news. We've been copping record high temperatures for the last few weeks resulting in BOM adding a new spectrum. The cat's turned into a mouth breather, Matt's been very vocal about it and I've been struggling myself. The gentleman who owns our flat installed ceiling fans just before Christmas. I could hug him. This place has been standing since at least '77 if the Telecom box on the wall is anything to go by. And yes you read that right. For the last 35 years people have been suffering through summer here without ceiling fans. Let's have a moments silence for those poor souls.....

Also as Christmas is over I'm spending an inordinate amount of time at home. You'd think the place would be spotless, you'd be wrong. But I have had the chance to do a little creating. 

From the couch we can see into the yard. The lawn is not faring well....

To commemorate this historical heatwave I fashioned this little doodad! I thought Calidum was an appropriate title for this hot piece O(≧▽≦)O*

I did think gold chain might have made more sense but it's impossible to look out the window without squinting so I chose silver for that infernal glare!
This summer has been painful. However there's been no fires in our area, no deaths from heat exhaustion and I haven't lost any shoes to the bitumen so I can be glad of that. Despite the whinging I'm not looking forward to Winter.

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