Saturday, 26 January 2013

Everyone Talks About the Weather

Good news everyone!

It's raining. And how. It's not a happy little summer shower. Or even an unhappy summer storm. It's three days of torrential downpour. With more expected. The Rain Gods have an evil sense of humour. So from one extreme to the next we're now on flood alert.

Our current location lends to relative safety from rising waters however the lawn now looks like this

Green! It took two days for what could come back to do so. You may recognise those sticks sitting puddle adjacent. That little patch has not enjoyed the summer. 

Last time this happened the street leading out of here went under and the cars on the street were worse for wear.
So the three of us are stuck inside. Perhaps sitting around relaxing on the couch will be a pleasant couple of days. That is until the food runs out.
On that note I'm going to go construct a raft out of palm fronds and wire-ties...... 

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